Week 1: Jul. 6-10

Dig It!

Jump in puddles, dig in the dirt, explore plants and build with clay as we investigate the world beneath our feet. Learn about animals that live underground, fossils, and the importance of soil for all living things.

Week 2: Jul. 13-17

Builders In Training

Calling all inventors, builders, and designers; come and build some awesome creations with us! Choose from construction centers, enjoy group games and more. Children will investigate their own designs using Legos, recyclable materials, and many other interesting items. From indoor creations to outdoor fort building, students will engage their creativity through play.

Week 3: Jul. 20-24

Stretch, Wiggle & Move

Get your body moving through sports, fitness, music, obstacle courses and more. Our games and creative play are designed to practice balance and coordination as well as improve gross motor skills. Come on and get moving with us!

Week 4: Jul. 27-31

When The Sun Goes Down

Learn more about who comes out when the sun goes down. Find out what kinds of animals are awake at night and the special features they use to see and move around in the dark. We’ll pitch tents for a week of playground camping!

Week 5: Aug. 3-7

Things That Go!

It seems we’re always on the go, but how do we get there? Airplanes, rockets, autos, trains and let’s not forget – bicycles! Campers will explore the many ways we move about our world.

Week 6: Aug. 10-14

Once Upon A Time

The perfect camp for children who love stories and using their imagination! We will focus our week on reading, participating in fun themed activities related to our stories, and creating some of our own.

Week 7: Aug. 17-21


Discover flowers, trees, and the magic of leaves as we explore the wonderful world of plants and discover how they grow. Participate in care of the greenhouse and garden crops and savor some late summer flavors.

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