COVID Commonly Asked Questions

This situation is fluid, and will be evolving in the weeks and months to come. There is no way any person can think of every question, let alone every answer. As we receive questions from our families, we will maintain this area as a living document, providing new responses as they become available.

To send a question, please email the school’s admin account.

Will Kindergarten students be required to wear masks even though they are in a Children’s house classroom?

As a private school and a licensed childcare entity, we are regulated by both the MN Department of Education (MDE) and the Department of Human Services (DHS). MDE and Gov. Walz said all Kindergarten students–even those who are age 4–are required to be masked. DHS said that daycares can make an exception if 5-year olds are with multi age groups. We are awaiting clarification from the State at this time.

How will you decide when/if to move to online learning?

In the case of a diagnosis or possible exposure, we will work with our contact at the Department of Health to determine which classrooms would need to move online temporarily. If/when we do move online, students will work remotely with their classroom teachers.

We will continue to monitor state guidelines to advise us if/when we move elementary through junior high students online due to circumstances beyond our control.

Why is Oak Hill coming back in person when the district schools are using a hybrid model? 

Our cohorts will vary by class level. Toddler Community will be considered one cohort, even though there are two learning environments. Children’s House cohorts will be the specific classroom your child is in (e.g. Casa 1), while upper school cohorts will be by level (e.g. Lower Elementary, Junior High).

Our class sizes are already small, and teachers will be able to make use of all available space. Public school hybrid models are based on a 50% building capacity assumption and our census is currently at or below that level.

LE, UE, and JH will all have a second classroom to allow for more social distancing within their cohorts.

Will cohorts of students and staff be mixed for after care?

We are starting the year with complete compartmentalization, including after care, which will be held in the classrooms.

Can you tell us more about Guidepost?

Guidepost offers an education service with trained Montessori educators who have completed additional training to teach in a virtual setting. The teachers are not Oak Hill employees, rather a completely separate staff, with tuition paid monthly to Guidepost directly instead of Oak Hill.

If choosing the Guidepost option, families will remain on the Oak Hill communications roster, unless they ask to be removed. It is not our intention to disconnect families, rather to serve families with a well-resourced online education option, provided by trained teachers.

If the Guidepost option just doesn’t work for our child, could they return to Oak Hill for in-person learning?

Yes, that is a possibility. Because enrolling in Guidepost withdraws your child(ren) from Oak Hill and 2020-21 tuition, we cannot guarantee there will be space. However, we encourage you to contact us at any time about availability.

What are the Guidepost tuition rates through the Oak Hill Partnership?

Toddler & Children’s House — $400/month

Elementary — $1000/month

Junior High — $1200/month

Withdrawal from Guidepost’s services requires a 30-day notification.

Will there be Art, Music, Phys Ed and Spanish?

Yes, specialists will still work with our students this year. The format/location of their interactions may look different with specialists working with students in their classrooms, outdoor spaces or through technology tools.

Will children have specific places they should walk to help keep proper distancing?

Oak Hill has placed an order for adhesive footprints and arrows for this school year. Those traffic guides will be on the floor inside the school on the first day and throughout the year.

Will students still be doing different shoes for inside and outside?

Yes. We will continue having students change their shoes as we have in past years.

Should students bring water bottles each day and refill as needed?

We encourage parents to send a water bottle with their child(ren) each day. The bottle filling mechanisms will remain operable on the drinking fountains. Additional information pertaining water bottles will be enclosed in the covid-specific handbook addendum.

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